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Tips to Slay your Photo Session

I'm so thrilled to meet you and to create beautiful images for you. Most of my clients are not professional models; they are business people, individuals and even groups who often fear the moment they come face to face with my camera and I. Do not fear this process, you are in good hands. I… Continue reading Tips to Slay your Photo Session

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Thank You, and You and You…

So nows a great time for me to stop for just a minute in this day filled with thoughts and things to do, and say THANK YOU to you. If you've ever used my creative photography services, or preciously got me a lead through your suggestion of me to a friend or colleague, or if… Continue reading Thank You, and You and You…

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I recently became a founding member at The Emery in Hallandale, a fantastic group of co-working women. As a new member, I was asked to provide some good pictures for my profile on their site. Say what?! If you go check them out you'll see why I needed some really good photos. I started to panic a little because I've never had my picture taken, not in this way anyway and what do you know, I've been a photographer for 16 years! Bad photographer for not having her own set of amazing images. lol. Read more...


Wish of a Lifetime ~ Jeanette’s Day at the Beach

As a photographer I get all sorts of calls. Birthday here, mitzvah there, wedding that, but when Jeremy called from Wish of a Lifetime and told me about Jeanette and her wish for a beach day, I couldn't resist the opportunity. This was Jeanette's wish... "79 year-old Jeanette Fernandes of Brookdale Willow Wood has always… Continue reading Wish of a Lifetime ~ Jeanette’s Day at the Beach

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“See instead of look… Be instead of pose”

There are certainly a million ways to approach a photoshoot session. Who and what your subject is changes many aspects of how one approaches it, but there are two ingredients that will guarantee your work comes out beautifully and it's simply to "See not Look, Be not Pose." I know I know, learning to pose… Continue reading “See instead of look… Be instead of pose”